High-performance manicure and pedicure device Bausch, 500-13500 rev./min., 12 attachments

Art. Nr.: 0360-120W

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High-performance manicure and pedicure device Bausch 0360

  • Areas of application: For shaping, filing and polishing finger- and toenails, as well as for removing smaller and larger areas of harder skin and callosity on hands and feet. It is also very useful for removing and editing acrylic or very hard nails. 
  • This device comes with a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction function and ventilation slots for cooling. 
  • The special locking screw secures a particularly good grip of the attachments.
  • Continuosly adjustable from 500 up to 13 500 rev./min., 120 W
  • 12 attachments:
     - Pointed abrasive tip: for shortening and shaping finger and toe-nails. Excellent for artificial nails
     - Cylindrical abrasive tip: to remove hard skin from fi ngertips, toes, heels and sole.
     - Felt polishing tip: to polish the nails prior to application of lacquer. Using regularly this polisher will prevent nails to split or break.
     - Diamond cutter ball: for removing corns and partridge eyes. 
     - Diamond cutter flame-shaped: for dealing with ingrained nails as well as for removing the not very aesthetic cuticles around the nails.
     - Diamond cutter: for the removal of horny skin or corns and partridge eyes.
     - Diamond cutter cylinder: for shortening and shaping finger and toe-nails.
     - 3 x Abrasive thimble with arbor: for removing callosity on heel, toes and sole. 
  • Type of operation: cord, length 2.5 m
  • Comes in hard shell plastik case