Tweezers Rubis Classic Elegance, slanted tips

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Cosmetic Tweezers Rubis Classic Elegance

  • Slanted tips - ideal for plucking eyebrows, for the removal of facial hairs and for epilating unwanted hairs in other body zones.
  • Elegant perforated design
  • Material: surgical stainless steel, matt
  • Acid-proof, sterilizable 


Rubis have been manufacturing tweezers for over 60 years in Switzerland.Exceptionally reliable and precise cosmetic tweezers are the result of a 45-step process that is very much in the tradition of Swiss precision mechanics. Made completely by hand - and, in a final step, again tested individually under a magnifying glass. Only tweezers that pass this test receive the seal of quality “Rubis. Made in Switzerland.“

What characterizes a really good pair of tweezers? Three things: The perfect closing of the tips, their precise edges, and an arm tension that, when squeezing the tweezers, offers gentle, flexible resistance. Rubis uses only the highest quality acid-proof, anti-magnetic and rust-proof surgical steel. Thanks to these outstanding material characteristics, as a result, their  tweezers retain their perfect functionality for many years.

For Rubis, design isn’t just a matter of form. It is a promise that the products retain their convincing shape and perfect function for many years to come.Rubis tweezers  have been honored internationally with numerous renowned awards for their outstanding design.